Sunday, 4 October 2015

Update From Roy

I can now upate readers that I have now moved house and settled in to a degree. It has been a hectic few weeks. No water, no elecricity,for a while, but we managed.

However I am afraid to say that I have still not secured a relyable internet connection as of today. My local communications company have advised me that fibre optics have been installed and they are waiting for the server to be connected, this I am informed may happen sometime in the next two weeks. I am not holding my breath as two weeks in Spain could mean two months or more.

I still have no phone or TV as we recieve broadcasts via a digi box which also needs a secure internet connection. My DVD player is taking a beating.

I still manage to keep abreast of the Machin scene via wifi at my local bar (when it works) and read Larrys, Ians and other peoples postings quite often. Well done people for supplying some interesting reading.

Many thanks once again to Larry for keeping the blog alive, I owe you big time mate.

Keep the faith


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