Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Force Awakens

Believe it or not here in Spain it gets rather nippy during the winter evenings. As it approaches my wife has offered to buy me a new pair of long pants to keep out the chill. As I am not one of those people to refuse a gift I have agreed to her spending her hard earned cash as long as the jeans have deep pockets.

"Why do you need deep pockets?"

She was very pleased with my answer, I told her that I am not paying £16.99 for the new Prestige booklet which only has two new Machins on the mixed pane (pane 4).Special issues make up the majority of the booklet  and as I stopped buying these a few years ago the time has come to start saving my money and I will need deeper pockets to keep it in.

She was delighted to hear this, and quipped "If you are saving money on stamps you can buy your own pants"

I cant win!

The face value of the booklet is £16.20 and Royal Mail have added a cover charge of 79p (normally this is 95p) so I guess some people also will be saving of a sorts. Not the kids they are trying to attract to the hobby though. How many kids can afford to collect mint stamps these days? Unless their name is Donald Trump Junior I would take a guess and say none.

You can jump on to pic of the Machin pane here

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