Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A New Link Has Been Added

Yesterday I had a few hours of spare time so I sat at the computer and did some Machin research. Going over some old links in my favourites which I had not visited for a long time I came  across some pdf files that I thought you may like to read.

The first refers to someone we all know and who we have written about many times on this blog IE Douglas Myall. You can catch up on some of the articles referring to Douglas and his work here.This should keep you busy for a while

When you are done with that click on to this link and discover a great web page that explains the Deegam CD system in all its glory.

Written by David Gooderham for the Toronto Stamp Club entitled "Using and understanding the Deegam Catalogue" this a great piece of work which should be shared. There are several pages that guide the individual through the many chapters and pages. 

I will be adding a permanent link  in the Machin websites of interest shortly.

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