Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Postman Pratt

I no longer collect used stamps, but do occasionally pass them on free of charge to people who do. Unfortunately these stamps went through the system but had no cancel marks at all. A trend with large letters which happens far to often these days.
Even with no cancels or if they had a heavy cancel they could have done someone some good as temporary  space fillers (or even permanent space fillers) . Now they  will only going in one direction to the dustbin.

It is a crying shame, and it really gets me mad, the sender clearly wanted these to go into circulation as difficult medium rate Machins, and I thank him for taking the time out to stick them on the package so nice and tidy.....
Who is at fault here? Is it the forwarding office for not cancelling them, the receiving office?. Do the management instruct deliverers of mail to pen strike?
As I said, they may have been sitting in someones collection by now but for some over the top jobsworth who clearly has no thought for others. I guess Mr Pratt may not be to blame he just had a Biro for Christmas!!


Stuart said...

I always complain about this. Its always worth a book of stamps as a consolation!

Mack Strathdee said...

ask the post office clerk to handstamp them ... sorting centers look for unfranked mail... revenue protection.

some mailers also recycle uncancelled stamps on ebay, then pocket the postage.

Sent by stamps said...

I'm still happy to collect these, although I really prefer a good clear print from a Bullseye user - just found your blog btw, really interesting reads

Roy Simpson said...

Hi stamps

I still have them if you want them, email me at gbmachins@gmail.com