Friday, 11 March 2016

March 2016 Machin News UPDATED

There is not much to report I am afraid. Except for the new issues to be released to correspond with the forthcoming tariff change. The issue date for these I am told is 22nd March.

We now have a pic of the £1.05 Machin . Goosberry Green!! Where did they get that from? We also have more information on the forthcoming prestige booklet. See below.

As expected, It has now been reported that there will be just five new issues, these are the 4 x £1.05 Regional Country issues and £1.05 Machin. I guess this should be good news to some after last years bundle, which cost a lot of collectors a small fortune.

Other official News.

On the 21st April, which is the 90th anniversary of the Queens birth a set of special (1st class ) issues is due to be released depicting portraits of Elizabeth during her life. I know these are not Machins but please bear with me.

Also for this 90th anniversary a Prestige booklet is planned so we can expect a mixed pane, perhaps this will contain Machin definitives or Regional stamps, or both. It is a case of wait and see at the moment. I am only guessisng but expect the long to rein over us 1st class purple code P.

Yes there are 4 x regionals (one from each country) and 4 x1st class Machins, 2 x red and 2 x purple. Thanks to Steeve who sent me the information.

Also Forthcoming.

Two new mixed retail booklets 6 x 1st  are also planned. The first booklet has 2 x special issues (90th birthday) and 4 x 1st Machins, I am assuming these to be the long to rein over us purple.

The issue date I am told is 21st April 2016. These should contain new stamps with the code C. As these are printed by Walsall It is possible that the backing paper will be of the security type.

A second Mixed retail booklet will be released on 9th June 2016. This will also contain another 2 x special issues (90th birthday) and 4 x 1st purple Machins, long to rein over us.

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Ian - Norvic said...

There may not be many NEW Machins, but there has been a flurry of 2016 printings and quite a few printed in 2016 with 2015 year codes and new security printed backing paper (SBP).

I make it 15 new stamps before tomorrow's £1.05 gooseberry (previously called SAGE).