Wednesday, 13 July 2016

FA2 10p Booklet With Doctor Blade Flaws


A few years ago I purchased a colllection of 10p booklets with spectacular light green doctor blade flaws running horizontaly across the top of the 1/2p values.

Although doctor blade flaws are not catalogued they are highly collectable and add a little something extra to other variations of these booklets they also look stunning when mounted on album pages.

Recently I have sold a couple on eBay and they were greatfully recieved by the new owners who informed me they were very pleased with their purchase.

If you would like the opportunity of of owning a complete error booklet with a triple light green flaw I have another listed (pic left ) which finishes in a few days time.

The auction is for a complete 10p booklet with error of print in the form of a nice horizontal flaw in the form of a light green line in the same colour that is used to print the 6p values. The middle of both 1/2p Machins is affected. The booklet is SGFA2 perf E1 inscribed March 1976.

The flaw I am told occurs as a result of either a faulty doctor blade or  more realisticly a bit of grit deposited itself on the blade from the 6p cylinder during the  printing process.

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