Wednesday, 23 November 2016

2015 1st Class Dull Phosphor (Inset Right)

I always like to see something different, and thought some of you may be interested in this too.

It was only a matter of time before reports came in with Machin stamps with dull phosphor incorporating an error. In this case it is an inset band right (DGN12). I was however surprised to see this with a 2015 printing date.

I spotted it on eBay this morning.

Described as 1st class printed by Walsall with a code of MA15/ MBIL from a business sheet, dated 28/05/15.

Buy it now price is £2.50 with £1.00 Postage and Packing.

Going through the the sellers other sales I noticed he has many stamps for sale with dull phosphor.

In among these he has a second listing for sale (inset right).

He does not state if these issues are on security backing paper or plain backing paper, so I am assuming they are on plain backing paper.

The second Machin is a business sheet header 4 x 1st class value (inset right) for sale at the higher price. Buy it now £13.75 with the  date of 25/08/15, The seller charges postage and packing at £1.20 for this item.

Two nice items if you are interested, just do an eBay search for dull phosphor.

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