Monday, 16 January 2017

Only Three New Singles (So Far)

What do the these old sayings mean ? Dont count your chickens and  Always expect the unexpected!

With Royal Mail these days we have become accustomed to surprises but this one concerning the Windsor Castle Prestige Booklet came right out of the blue.

It appears that the booklet was printed long before 2017 and the Machin pane has the security codes MPIL / M16L.

You can view these individual Machin images by clicking on the link below

As reported by Ian Billings on his excellent blog the 10p and £1.05 values were previously issued in the 2016 Beatrix Potter prestige book, so only the 1st class NVI (darker red) and 2p value will be new.

Discounting the £5.00 large definative stamp if we add these to the mixed Windsor retail booklet 1st class  NVI (darker red) and we have the count of three new normal Machin stamps in 2017 (so far) as stated in the title.

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