Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Machin Mosaic

At the recent Southern England Stamp Show, a Machin Mosaic (music to the ears of this alliteration admirer) containing over 528,000 stamps was displayed. It handily won the Guinness World Record for the largest stamp mosaic for its builder, Peter Boyd from Kent.

Ian Billings has the whole story here, including a video of the whole mosaic. The report in the local newspaper, with additional photos, is here.

What I don't understand is that the local newspaper article said, "The record attempt began when Mr Boyd was looking at an old Machin postage stamp worth six and a half pence through a magnifier." The half-penny became obsolete in the 1980s and certainly no catalog or price list has valued a single item at that price for many years. Exactly where did that value of six and a half pence come from?

Meanwhile, I guess I need only about another 428,000 Machins before I can do the same thing. Or so it seems.



Roy Simpson said...

HI Larry

I can only assume that the reporter meant that the stamp in question had a original face value of six and half pence.

Ian - Norvic said...

That's exactly it, which is why the 6½p is featured on the back of the souvenir and on the mosaic (in different colours).

Cuba Journal said...

It seems to me that Royal Mail Group Ltd will go full blast trying to continue their never-ending gouging of the stamp collector.

Prestige Booklets are a huge ripoff and a SCAM. I have a couple, but I will no longer buy over-priced JUNK.

Royal Mail Group should have the slogan of "We Screw You Better" when it comes to the silly Post & Go Labels.