Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Unusual Find

I am currently in the UK on holiday and was surprised to see a bit of sun over the weekend just gone , apparently it was on par at 20 degrees here in Birmingham with the Costa Blanca. Home from home you might say.

I have a couple of special items that I want to place in a Machin auction sale in September and had a few hours to kill today so I went on a trawl through a couple of the top London auction houses. My idea was just to see what kind of stuff has passed through them lately and what sort of money were the lots fetching.

Whilst on my travels I started to wish I had visited earlier with some spare cash. Of several unusual lots this is just one item that caught my eye. Its a small block of the £1.00 recess printed high value.

This lot intrigued me mainly because I wrote about this same stamp just a few weeks ago. Also a reprint of its earlier sibling is due to be re issued in the form of gold foil stamp commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Machin in June this year.

Back to my auction find (below)

This block of four as you can see has a mishmash of perforation errors, What I like about it, I was shocked at the price on the final hammer. It was somewhere just over the £200 mark, included in the lot was a imperforated block of four and a normal block for comparison.

It makes my mouth water just thinking about it, if only I was the owner of it. Or if I had been an earlier bird on site I could now be just that.

Just to finish off today, here is a mock up of a Bradbury first day cover showing the £1.00 gold foil stamp (enlarged at the top of the page) and illustrations of the first high values ( very nice).

His web site also shows illustrations of the Miniature sheets and some of the Machin Prestige Booklet panes due out in June.


Scott Kibby said...

I have an associated piece to that block. Mine is a block of 10 from the right hand side of a sheet. Happy to provide an image if you would like it to add to the blog. Its part of a perforation fun packed display page.

Roy Simpson said...

Thanks Scott, that would be great!

Scott Kibby said...

Here's a link to the relevant page. Feel free to use on the main blog if you so desire - cropped or as is.