Sunday, 16 July 2017

Blog Update Machin News July 2017

UPDATE Corrections & Additions 18/07/17

It has been a while since I last updated this web log, the reason being I have been away in the UK on business and it took me longer than I thought it would to complete everything on my agenda.

During my spare time I managed to pick up a few nice items for my collection in the form of mis cut booklets. There is something about miscuts that I can not resist.

Do not ask me what it is, I just like the unusual. left is one of several of the 10p booklets I aquired. I also purchased several 65p booklets with different perforations and sheet markings. I have a few dupilates of both the 10ps and 65ps so if anyone wants one let me know.

Another item I picked up was a receipt of postage certificate from a few years back. Something else  that I thought unusual. This is shown below.

I am now back in Spain for a couple of months, back to the grind stone of lazing around and enjoying life in the sun. Not for long though, I have more business to conduct in the UK late September so I will be away again then for a  short time, hopefully this will only be a couple of weeks.

Whats new on the Machin front?

To be honest nothing much, there have been a few new issues that I am aware of. I will try and list them.

It came to my attention that a 1st class with the code M17L/MSIL was floating around, my enquiries found out that is was a reprint of the Padlock booklet of six printed at the begining of the year. I have not yet determined what the backing paper is.

There is also a 1st class large on SBP2 code M17L/MFIL doing the rounds. Sorry I do not have the issue date to hand at this time. (thanks Brian for spotting the mistake)

A 1st class large is also in circulation code M17L presumed to originate from a counter sheet? This is on  SBP2

A new recent new issue that I have seen is a 1st class signed for code M17L this is on SBP2. (see pic below)

There are also a couple of few  low values with codes M17L from counter sheets that are being offered on eBay.

1p with SBP2 08/03/17
2p with plain backing paper. 30/01/17
5p with plain backing paper 09/03/17
10p 27/01/17 PBP
20p SBP2 02/03/17
£1.40  PBP 19/01/17
£1.40 SBP2 07/03/17
£1.57 PBP 20/01/17
£1.57 SBP2 07/03/17 
£2.27 PBP 23/01/17
£2.27 SBP2 10/03/17
£2.55 PBP ?
£2.55 SBP2 ?

Special delivery 100g M17L PBP 01/02/17

Another new issue that has been reported is a 2nd class from a business sheet coded M17L/MBIL. This I think is on plain  security backing paper.

2nd class large M17L PBP

I have just been on the web blog run by Ian Billings, he has a complete listing of all 2017 stamps. here is the link. Thanks Ian you have saved me a lot of time with this list. I have also coppied a pic of the 1st class signed for that you have mentioned, thanks once again I hope this is OK.


Brian M said...

The report states the 1st class large have the M17L/MTIL code.
This can not be correct as the M17L/MTIL code is for books of 12 stamps and the 1st class large are in books of four.

Daniel at said...

Very interesting about the stamps !