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Thursday, 7 July 2022

A Collectors Generosity


I recently wrote a few lines about stitched booklets and the various error panes that some of them contain. Since that time I have managed to secure a few booklets from a certain auction house to add to my growing collection. One or two of these contained error panes which I was very pleased about.

I was also contacted by Larry Rosenblum of the USA who has in the past posted many interesting articles here on the blog. Larry, after reading the post out of the blue asked me if I would like some free of charge that he had no longer use for. A very generous gesture on his behalf. Of course my answer was YES PLEASE!

Yesterday a rather large packet arrived (with a whopping thump) on my door mat. Today I got to grips with checking the package out. I can only say WOW! and a very big thank you to you Larry.

The contents.

Normal decimal stitched booklets and many others with error panes galore. All are described and in separate packs. There must be hundreds of pounds worth. Wide bars, mis-cuts, missing phosphors, error of papers & gums just to mention a few. Hence the title "A Collectors Generosity"

I am going to be very busy over the next few weeks, cataloging and drooling over my growing collection. Once again Larry, many many thanks. I owe you big time buddy.  


Larry R said...

It has been a privilege to post on your blog. I'm pleased to be able to return the favor with the gift of booklets.

Anonymous said...

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