Sunday, 22 April 2007

Ins & Outs of Modern Machins

On the 30th March I wrote about "new changes in the pipeline" for Machin gummed counter sheets of ( 200) first & second class sheets of stamps with conventional PVA gum.

It has now been re confirmed that the sheets are to printed by De La Rue and will be issued on 5th June 2007.

(Left ) Out, the recent De La Rue printing with large value tablet in the top left corner.

It seems as though that there was no real need of a new definitive for normal first and second class mail up to the second PIP stage so these recently new stamps with a bigger value tablet will be phased out. The truth of the matter is - Royal Mail and customers were confused as to what was valid for the PiP larger letters.

The large (horizontal) 1st & 2nd class stamps will continue to be printed and used as normal for the larger letters ( max 353 mm long x 250 mm wide x 25 mm in depth.

( Left) Smaller value tablets in bottom corner are to be brought back in to use. Details of changes to self adhesive booklets and business sheets ( printed by Walsall) have not been announced at this time, but it seems these will also revert back to the original smaller value tablet designs eventually.

It will be interesting to see the sheet margin layouts for the new stamps, no logo, and perhaps a lower setting as the stamps introduced for the new postage rates on on 2nd April 07.

Another interesting question will be answered, we can also compare the cylinder numbers to previous issues from De La Rue ( where applicable). This will prove for sure if the D1 reprint of the 46p was an error or intentional.

Thanks to Denis Stevens for use of the images

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