Friday, 20 April 2007

Postal Stationary & The Machin Head

During a Machin debate on the MSN group Stamps of Great Britain, Larry Matthews wrote.

"Postal Stationary & The Machin Head"

"I am wondering, since I do not see any postings in here about them, if any of the SOGB club members also collect the GB stationery items with the "Machin" head design? I know I have a few, albeit, I do not specifically seek them out but do keep them if they come my way.

Also, do any members keep the colonial or commonwealth stationery items with the "Machin" head design?"

SINCE 1968 many items of stationary have appeared with the famous Machin bust incorporated into the design.

I am no expert on these, but do have a short list of certain items that are known from GB

Reply Postcards


IMPRESSED Octagonal 2½p, 3p, 3½, 4½p, 7p, 8½, 9p, 12p

Airmail picture postcards

London views
Stratford up-on Avon views

33p ( sets of 5)

Letter Cards

first class (2 bands)
5d, 3p, 3½p, 4½p, 7p, 8½p, 9p, 10p, 12p, 14p,

second class (one band)
4d, 2½p, 3p, 3½p, 5½p, 5½p, 7p, 8p, 10p, 11½p

Post notes

21p & 22p ( various designs)


5d, 3p, 3p + ½p, 4p, 2½p

3½, 5½p, 5½p, 6½p, 7p, 8p, 8½p, 9p, 10p

Revised size
10p, 11½p, 12p, 12½p 14p, 15½p

There are many other values & types of stationary to collect, to many to print here.

But here is a short run down

Special Envelopes, Private Cachets, Business Envelopes, Overseas forces letter envelopes, International Recorded delivery, Aerogrammes, Stationary stamped to order and Customised.

National Postal Museum cards, Self adhesive forerunners.

Just a few items ( many more are available and are issued every year ) to get your teeth into.

These are quite cheap to buy, they can be obtained from less than £1 - £5 and can form a nice collection

Thanks Chimmo for bringing this overlooked subject up.

Replies anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Roy

Yes, I do find this usefel and thanks a lot.

Now I can at least have an idea about what is out there to collect. Will have to check through the dealers boxes to see what is available since it appears that there aren't that many varieties to complete.