Saturday, 14 April 2007

New Definitive Catalogue

I wrote a small article about the MCC catalogue recently on SoGB which is one of the MS online stamp groups that I belong to.

A reply from someone mentioned "I had it all wrong and the Machin Collectors Club Catalogue will no longer be updated free to existing purchasers provided they are still a member."

I do not know if this still applies (the free updates) so I will not comment on it as yet.

But I can announce that who ever it was that informed me of this new catalogue had his information correct. "The MCC is to issue a new catalogue which as far as I know will re produce the orginal content, be it updated and an added section for Wilding definitives."

I have not seen it yet, but will be obtaining a copy for myself as I will be interested to compare price rises and new prices for stamps issued over the last couple of years. Besides this I was impressed with the previous version and will not recieve any updates even if they are still available to members, as I let my membership lapse for personal reasons last year.

This ( reproduced from the MCC website) is the advertising blurb for the new book.

MCC QEII Specialised Definitives Catalogue available from 22nd April 2007.

The MCC Specialsed Machin catalogue has now gone to press and will be available at our next fair at Dunchurch (near Rugby). With over 1200 pages and in full colour throughout plus hundreds of scans and illustrations this is THE definitive catalogue.

It now includes the Wildings period - single stamps, cylinder blocks, coil strips and leaders, book panes (plain and cylinder) and booklets, all individually priced with realistic market prices (where known) Now in full colour throughout.

Published in two volumes in book form, slightly increased page size to 230mm x 155mm (The same size as the Stoneham catalogue)

More scans and diagrams to aid identification of individual items. All prices checked and updated. NO change to the price - This will still be only £35.95 offering superb value for money. Contents updated to the last minute before going to press. I.e. up to April 3rd 2007

Please note your order will be dispatched as soon as possible after 22nd April. UK delivery is by Business Post next day service.

Your comments are welcome on this subject

Do you know first hand if free updates for the previous catalogue are still available to members of the MCC? And if not, Why is this?

The MCC sold the catalogue on a promise of free updates and still quote this fact on their website, in my opinion, although I no longer qualify myself they should continue to honour their statement or give a substantual discount to all paid up members who purchase the new one.


Roy Simpson said...

This is a reply from Charles, a member of the MSN group Stamps of Great Britain

"Well we all know that you can't judge a book by it's cover. But if it has updated information it should be a worthwhile addition to the Machin Maniac's library.

I will be very interested in your opinion once you have the time to curl up in a comfortable chair and read it through.

Then I will have to figure out how to get a copy over here. It is too bad that they have abandoned the looseleaf format as I frequently add additional pages with new information that I come across from time to time.

Lecanto, Florida

Anonymous said...

Another reply via the SoGB group

There never have been ANY updates to the MCC Catalogue of 2004 (free or otherwise) so you haven't missed anything. I complained to Melvyn about this and that is when he told me a new version would be out in April this year.

I too let my membership lapse this year for various reasons but among them was the re-issue of this in a different size - no longer loose leaf and who is to say whether this will ever be updated.

Dave Arthur

larry said...

Charlie, the Machin Collectors Club will ship to the U.S. You can order from their web site. Just be sure to check the postage charge so you know the total price that you are paying.