Monday, 16 April 2007

Submarines and Self Adhesives

After 40 years to try and collect every Machin in all its forms, and sub categories is now a near impossible task unless of course you have pots of money. One way to enjoy Machins as a beginner is to pick a subject from the various issues from the past.

This is another closed chapter in the Machin series and there for should not be to difficult to complete, although some of the earlier ones such as mixed special issue /4 x 1st class Machin booklets depicting submarine self adhesives and the Punch Judy may now cost you a pretty penny to acquire.

This series was one of my favourites (at the time*) first issued 17th Apr 2001 Printed by The House of Questa in Gravure on OFNP/SA paper

2 x 1st-class Submarines 2 phosphor Bands
4 x 1st-class flame 2 phosphor Bands

Perforation for all these issues were kiss die cut
15½ x 14¼ (special issues)
14¾ x 14 Machins (Ellipses) Phosphor A - blue (long wave) Q1 / Q1 / Q1 Q1 Q1 Q1

This booklet was an immediate success with the general public and collectors alike, and several more booklets followed with the mixed content.

On the 4th Sep also printed by Questa was a booklet depicting two of the Punch & Judy stamps, another nice booklet, Flags and Ensigns followed on 22nd Oct 01, and Airliners on 2nd May 02.
* Royal Mail being what they are decided to milk in the profits and bring in several more subjects over the next couple of years or so. There is no fool like a collector, and yes, we bought them just to keep up with the new issues.

21st May 02 came a change of printer and World Cup 2002, 10th Sep 02 ( back to Questa) and Bridges of London.
2 x Hello stamps + the usual 4 x 1st class definitives came into the equation on 4 Mar 03.
Continuing: (another change of printer) : And a different format 29th Apr 03 De La Rue
Extreme Endeavours (right).

Number 10 in the series bought to us on 15th Jul 03 was A British Journey - Scotland.

18th Sep 03, Transports of Delight and last but not least 16th Mar 04, A British Journey - N.Ireland.

Ocean Liners made an appearance on 15th Jun 04 and a final printing with a Europa stamp with the subject of A British Journey - Wales.

What happened to the A British journey England?
I think SOMEONE at Royal Mail said " we have milked these long enough, lets have another change"
Anyway its only 14 booklets, 95% of the sujects are half decent and if you like self adhesives its one chapter that should be easy to start, collect and close.

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