Thursday, 14 June 2007

Another Favourite & A Machin Quiz

"Sorry Roy, I'm a bit late. I guess I didn't think it would end so soon.

Anyway, for what it's worth, my favourite is the
Matthews Colour Palette Miniature Sheet from Stamp Show 2000. I also liked the large Machin White embossed Pane, delicous!!!

The worst is the very disappointing 3 Kings Miniature Sheet".

London Bus:
A late bus this time (still, unlike the real thing, at least I turned up)

The Kings miniature sheet

This carries a £3.00 Machin Definitive and reproductions of 1d stamps (one penny ) definitives issued during the reigns of the three monarchs.

The sheet was designed by Katja Thielan of Together Design and printed by De La Rue in gravure. It measures 127 mm x 73 mm.

The £3 stamps has two phosphor bars, although to specialists this is a different variety , it is basically, except for shade and the colour of the phosphor, the same as the high value stamp available in sheets of 200.

Machin Quiz

Indications are that A Machin Quiz may be welcome by collectors. Would you be interested if I devised such a quiz with a nice prize for the winner (drawn from a hat if more than one winner) and a second prize for the runner up?

If so just say yay or nay in answer to this thread.

I will warn you though, If I pick out the questions it will not be easy :-)


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Anonymous said...

Great idea, its a yay from me

Rob B