Saturday, 23 June 2007

Machin Quiz (Follow Up)

All who replied with answers (TO DATE) have received a free gift. My eBook
A profile on the Millennium Machin
This gift was posted in an email consisting of a zip file. Please let me know that you have managed to save the files, open them and read them with out problems. Tomorrow or Monday I will post the results of how you fared in the quiz, along with the answers / I will also name the winner and runner up.

The Quiz is over if you wish to obtain a copy of the Millennium eBook, this is available via Pay Pal: Price £3.90

1 comment:

S├ębastien said...

Hello. I received and viewed with no problem your e-book. I'm happy to score higher than 20... since, as a French young philatelist, I begin to interest myself into Machin just two/three months ago. My honor's save. Thank you for preparing the quiz.