Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Happy Birthday

Today we celebrate the 40th birthday of the first Machin definitive 1967 - 2007

On behalf of Machin Nuts everywhere, may you have many more happy returns.

At this time most of the official products from Royal Mail have already been dealt with, so I am looking for something different to show you.

One anniversary cover I have come across made me chuckle . This is a mock cartoon of Arnold Machin from Phil Stamp Covers. The illustration depicts Machin biting his nails and his apprentice ( Phil Stamp ) putting the final touches to a sculpture of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Phil Stamp is shown hitting the sculpture with a mallet and chisel, in the processs breaking the head from the body. Now we know how the famous head came about!

The cover bears a 40th anniversary miniature sheet with a Stoke on Trent hand stamp (Machins Birthplace) and is one of a limited edition of 100 numbered copies.

For more Phil Stamp covers visit the web site http://www.philstampcovers.co.uk/

Below The cover of the 40th Anniversary Prestige Stamp Book


Anonymous said...

Roy, Brilliant,

I enjoy reading your blog and have learned a lot from the different aspects of the posts.

They are all informative and easy to read. Although they are mainly Machin orientated I find the subject matter varied and topical.

As a matter of interest, What is your favoutite Machin?

D.V Rafel (Netherlands)

Machin Man said...

Thanks R.V

My favourite Machin? A question I have been asked many times. I will make this the title of my next post.

nnnnnn said...

Roy, many thanks for a brilliant blog...wish I was there to get some of those 40th Anniversary stamps.. I ordered some from RM.. will see what I get... took your advice of course.. as should others as...and, lets face it.. you are the Man!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes...Michael