Friday, 8 June 2007

What is your Favourite Machin?

"What is your favourite Machin"? I have been asked the question many times.

Can readers respond to this question and let me know what they consider to be their all time favourite? I will post the results from this thread (along with images) here on this blog in due course.

IE: This can be a single stamp, coil, pane, block or miniature sheet

I can confirm I have many favourites, I will not go into detail and post them all but my all time one off special favourite is this one.

Pane DP303

The Special by Design Prestige Booklet printed in gravure by Walsall Security Printers produced a striking pane of 8 x Millennium Machins surrounding a centre label of the Post Office crest.

Issued on 05th February 2000. I can confirm that this pane produced several new single stamps which are sought after by specialists.
Inset bands left, inset bands right and short bands both top and bottom have been discovered.

Another interesting fact came to light when this pane was studied by specialists in detail.
Stamps on this pane are perforated to a different size than other Millennium stamps issued by Walsall. The perforations measure 14 x 14 compared to 15 x 14 on other issues.


Adrian said...

Love your blog!
Love Machins!
My favourite one is (I think) the £1 black (pre-decimal version with elaborate pound sign). Engraving is so much nicer than Slania's work of the 1990s
More favourites (I never can choose!): the Enschedé printings of the 1990s, such a beautiful definition of the head.
And thirdly: the first ATN printings of De La Rue, I love the "mottled" colours of those!
Do we do least favourite as well? Oh go on...
1) black 1st class Machin in letterpress
2) slania's recess-printed high values
3) Large format photogravure high values of the 1970s (especially the £1, don't like the colours at all).

So there!
PS: if you do comment moderation, you can get rid of those stupid comments like the one on this post!

PSPS: have a look at my blog (akphilately), I do Machins every now and then!

larry said...

My favorite is actually two of them, the orange and black ones, the predecimal 1/9 and the first decimal 9p.

A close second is the engraved 10p, the color usually called cerise.