Friday, 8 June 2007

Scotts Article on the Machin

Collectors of Machins are worldwide, below is a post reproduced from

"The July issue of Scott's Stamps arrived with a very neat article about this long lived series.

It is not filled with technical information so the average collector looking for an interesting field should not be put off. The color photos are super. The author is James Mackay who is no doubt well known to most of the regular posters.
Any serious collector who is looking for an explanation as to what causes this series to be so popular might enjoy the article".

Charlie: Lecanto, Florida, USA

Charlie is going to send me a copy of this, when (if) it arrives I will write a short article on the contents.

Thanks Charles

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larry said...

If you don't get a copy from Charlie, let me know. I have the issue as well.