Friday, 6 July 2007

Latest News on Date Blocks

A lot of specialist collectors look for new date singles, pairs or blocks.

Alan Rice wrote me last week and asked "If I had any information on recent date blocks"

I presume Alan wants info on recent printing dates either new printings on RMS paper or the printing dates of the latest sheet issues introduced for the April price rise.

I hope this helps

These are the latest ( new stamps) from the Dunstable plant on RMS paper.

16p 05//01 07
46p 04/01/07
48p 12/01/07
50p 09/01/07
54p 08/01/07 - 09/01/07
78p 10/01/07

Further printings have been reported on RMS (existing values), these are as follows:

1p 09/01/06
2p 16/03/06
10p 10/03/06
20p 24/03/06
37p 30/01/06
50p 15/03/06
£1 22/03/06

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