Saturday, 7 July 2007

Spotted on eBay and worth a mention

All single self adhesive Machins from booklets are printed on the reverse with the part of the text and (or) colour of the booklet cover. Yet the stamps from recent presentation packs are only found with plain white die-cut backing (as punched-out singles)

These varieties in the pack include the 2nd and 1st class Machins, and the three "Overseas Universal" Machins. Which give specialists 5 new stamps to add to their portfolio.
The 2nd and 1st class Machins are the first normal definitives to be issued with a plain white die-cut backing, and as such, are new varieties.

The "Universal" Postcard stamp has been previously issued as a die-cut with a plain white backing (in 2004) but with bright fluor. This issue with plain backing has a dull fluor.

Similarly, the "Universal" Europe and Worldwide stamps have been previously issued as die-cuts. However, these original examples were punched out of their respective booklets, giving a coloured backing. These two stamps also now have a plain white backing.

All five stamps are printed in gravure by Walsall, and ALL have a dull fluor.


cdj1122 said...

Is there any differnt between printings beyond the backing ?
If not I will consider the backing no more important that the gum with which the stamps are afixed to the envelope.

Machin Man said...

This depends charles. With bright fluor, is is possible that these could be considered different in the Deegam criteria this may aply also for collectors of used stamps.

I do not collect used only on 1st day cover.

This issue with plain backing have a dull fluor, I guess it depends again on how deep you delve.