Thursday, 7 August 2008

00 values More News

Back in December 2007 Lary reported these 00 value Machins were steadily appearing on the Philatelic Market, he also reported -
" Recently, Douglas Myall told me that Royal Mail has told dealers that these labels are considered Royal Mail property, should not be sold, and may be reclaimed by Royal Mail. I don't think, however, that individual collectors who purchased them are likely to be bothered. "

This next piece which concerns these labels was reported in the MBPC publication The Bookmark Journal (April 08) Vol 37 N0 5 under the heading of Trevs Snippets.

" Following on from the tale of the £5 brown (these were stamp(s) allegedly stolen from the printers) it seems that Royal Mail,s fraud department have been contacting vendors and demanding the return of examples of this stolen property".
It continues "The same action has now been taken with vendors of the 00 value machins".
If you are a individual collector who purchased these , watch out if you try to re sell them, big bro RM will be on your tail.

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