Friday, 8 August 2008

What A Carry On

My daughter came to visit this week, as usual she bought with her a bag of goodies from the home country. Along with the packs of bacon, cheddar cheese, Rizla cigarette papers and various lines of cosmetics for the wife she offloaded several stamp booklets on me to use as postage when I send letters or cards back to the UK by courier (now ain't that nice?)

This was one of the booklets from the parcel which I thought was quite colourful. Checking it out on the web I came up with this information.

Now pay attention you horrible lot

One of a series of stamp promotional self adhesive Retail Booklets. This was issued on 10th June 2008.
The booklet contains 6x1st NVI gold stamps (priced at £2.16) and has a "Carry on Sergeant" film label advertising the issue of special stamps celebrating 50 years of Carry On films.
The booklet was produced by Walsall and printed in gravure. Apparently, no cylinder number books exist on this edition, but the right hand strip shows characters from the Carry on Sergeant film.
I am not one who normally collects self adhesive booklets unless they appeal to me. This one was to good to use as postage, so I now have 4 copies tucked away.

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