Thursday, 28 August 2008

ATN Sheets and Marginal Markings

It is now common knowledge that The Primary sheets of Machin stamps printed by De la Rue (before trimming) contain 400 stamps, they are printed in gravure on on the ATN press.

Before I begin I will mention that all current values are printed upright and are now on a uniform OFNP/PVAl (dull) paper to the (Royal Mail Specification) RMS. They no longer have the De La Rue Logo situated in the margins. Previous printings may have the logo and been on dull, intermediate or bright papers.

The actual Primary sheets for these stamps are separated by a vertical gutter into two half sheets of 200 - The left margin carrying the the no dot cylinder numbers, and the right bearing the dot. Both of these cylinder numbers are situated alongside row 18.

What other marginal markings are available to the collector?. This depends on the individual collector as to what he/she wishes to spend as there are several. Each to his own as the saying goes.

The choices on what to collect (or not to) are various depending on how much ones budget stretches to. The obvious are the date blocks, both left and right, these are normally found running vertically reading from the bottom upwards between rows 12 -13 on both the dot and no dot sheets.
Cylinder blocks are described elsewhere on site and are briefly mentioned at the end of the post.

Some people collect the colour imprint arranged in the dot and not dot margins beside rows 3 reading upwards. The dot sheet also has the phosphor and what are now known as the "Phosphor Colour Electromat Control Marks", these are found alongside 18 - 19 and below these are what we now call "The Colour dabs".

(Sorry I do not have a picture of a Electromat block) perhaps someone could send me one or maybe Larry can help by posting one here.

I personally have no interest in these (either colour markings or Electromat blocks) so I do not collect them, but a lot of Machin specialists do - My reasons are they do not give the required information of the printing date or Phos and cylinders numbers, so in my mind they are just an extra collecting expense. The same can be said of collecting the arrows or half arrows on the sheets.

Arrows are found situated between columns 5 -6 and rows 10 - 11, both top and bottom in the dot and no do dot sheets.

Colour blocks are usually collected in blocks of 6 with angled margin or blocks of 8 with straight margins; date Blocks are usually collected in blocks of 8 with angled margins both top and bottom. Electromat blocks again are collected in blocks of 6 - angled margins top and bottom are usually an option.

Finally the phosphor cylinder blocks are collected in blocks of 6 - angled margins again are an option.

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Anonymous said...

To save money on the outlay cylinder numbers can also be collected as singles, also dates either as a single or pair with the control number.

Brian Horton