Monday, 25 August 2008

A Glut of Machin Signed Covers

Like Larry I am a bit dubious of some signed covers.

Since my original post about Arnold Machin signed covers and Larrys reply there seems to be quite a lot appearing on the market. As well as the one described yesterday I spotted another last week, so these although nice objects are not as rare as I fist thought.

I have also come across this one left (ending 1st September) unlike the one which I reported on yesterday which has a start price £27.50.

This one has a low start price of £7.99. It is double signed.

It looks to be a cover with the first 3 pre decimal stamps issued in 1967 and a gold 1st class stamp dated 1997 (5th June) for the 30th Anniversary Machin stamps.

Described as a Benham cover signed by Arnold Machin (1911-99) & Lord Glenamara (Edward Short), who was Postmaster General in 1967.

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larry said...

I checked Benham's web site and they certainly have lots of autographed covers. My search didn't turn up any by Machin, but that may be because they don't have any in stock. It is certainly possible that Benham went out to Machin and that these are legitimate.