Sunday, 24 August 2008

Up for Auction

One of my jobs for today was to go through the auctions just to see if anything interesting hit me. I often spend an hour or two just browsing to see what other people are selling.

The first item that I stopped to look at was yet another cover signed by Arnold Machin

Description Definitives 1st & 2nd Self Adhesives .... NVI's Horizontal with Windsor Castle Special Cancel on Benham official cover and signed by Arnold Machin designer of the Machin stamps.

My second selection was a group of miscut booklets. Issued 13 June 1977.

Twelve10p Machin folded type booklets which show a 'miscut error in the top margin selvedge resulting in the 6p stamp transposed to the right side of the pane instead of the correct format of left side!

These booklets are described as having perforations clipped at the left edge but condition is described mint as issued. Stanley Gibbons catalogue reference is SG FA3.

A s I collect booklets it was a shame about the perforations I might have been tempted to have a bash at these.

A third item which although not rare, is a Machin Black print which is apparently valid for postage. I already have a few of these so again no bids from Mrs Simpsons lad.

There were one or two other items that took my interest, namely a couple of misperforated singles. The start price on these was out of my league so I have ended up not buying or bidding on any of the lots.

All these items still have quite a distance to run, so I have bookmarked them just to see what the realise.

Thats it for a couple of days, I have a lot of work to do in the near future so I may not post for a bit. But do not let that put you off visiting, read some of the back posts and leave a comment or two. I will respond by answering you comment (or email). Also you never know Larry ( or Allan) may just pip me to the next post.

Have a good weekend.


larry said...

I'm a little suspicious of the FDC, since Machin did not design the horizontal format stamps (the cover properly gives credit to Jeffery Matthews), and Machin was rather finicky about the design of his stamp.

However, maybe he signed it because it is, after all, his portrait.

It certainly looks like his signature, but there's no indication that it's a charity item like the others we recently blogged about. Is there any corroborating evidence, such as a contemporary ad from Benham, that indicates that they did go out and get Machin's signature for these? Or might this be a forged signature?


Machin Man said...

Hi Larry

I can not find any reference to a charity, but there is another picture of perhaps the inner card which shows Roy Hood Comedian.
You can view the lot by typing in this URL..