Saturday, 20 September 2008

An E-mail From Tony Carter

I am always greatful to readers who respond to this blog, It does infact give me the opportunity to post something for all to read. Tony Carters e-mail is reproduced below.

Dear Roy,

I am sorry I have not replied before now, it is a busy life of a sales rep that takes the blame. Many thanks for producing the information on Large PiP stamps As a novice I found it of enormous value.

I thought you may like this further information on large PiP stamps from the Anniversary of the Machin Booklet (to produce on your blog) it was sent to me from a acquaintance in Brighton.

I have been informed (by someone in the know) that the only source for a se-tenant pair of the Large Pi P stamps is the Machin Anniversary Prestige Booklet Pane printed by De La Rue in Gravure - OFNP/PVAl

This was first issued 5th June 2007. I do not know of the number of booklets produced for this issue, but I feel due to Royal Mail cut backs of late, notably Prestige booklets (along with Presentation Packs) have been greatly reduced.

As this is the only source to date of these two different pairings and the fact that all new Prestige books are to be produced in Litho in the future. These pairs of large PiP stamps are unique and will most certainly rise in value over a period of time". I. J.R

A big thank you to Tony for sending this information. If this is correct then the other panes will also increase in value. Does anyone know how many Anniversary books were issued?

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larry said...

I don't think Royal Mail releases much if any information these days on quantities printed or quantities sold.

Regarding the possible future value of these se-tenant pairs, I will repeat the mantra so often expounded by Herman Herst - the market price of stamps is determined as much or more by demand as by supply. The catalogs are filled with stamps that are hard to find but do not command high prices (when you do find them) because demand is low.

The same goes for se-tenant pairs. There is not that much demand for them. Past prestige booklets are filled with one-time-only pairs, and you can still buy the booklets for face value or less.

These large PiP pairs are nice to have, in part because the stamps are so different from any other Machins, but I think you should not expect to get rich by buying them now and tucking them away, as a noted dealer says.