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A long year and Deep Pockets

If you are a main stream collector and have a regular order for everything, then to date it has been a long year, and if your name is Royal Mail a profitable one.

So far I have counted 39 individual stamp releases (not products, as Presentation Packs etc are not listed).

Lets go through them:

8th January:

This first issue of the year 6 stamps to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Ian Fleming.

A Miniature Sheet was also issued on the same day it contained one of each stamp. Then to finish we have a Prestige Book entitled 'Ian Fleming's James Bond.

Total 3

15th January

Just seven days later Royal Mail issued another Love Booklet 4 x 1st class Machins and two love stamps. These booklets are printed by Walsall Security Print in Gravure and are self-adhesive.

Not satisfied with this we also see a new Smilers Sheet with circular labels and a generic sheet. issued on the same day.

Total 6

5 February 2008

A set of 6 stamps depicting Working Dogs, values ranged from 1st class, 46p, 48p, 54, 69p and 78p

Total 7

28 February 2008

The Houses of Lancaster and York. There was a set of 6 stamps and Miniature Sheet issued. Sheet values 2 x 1st 2x 54p, and 2 x 69p. The Miniature Sheet features the life and times of the age, with four historic events. Values are 2 x 1st class and 2 x 78p.

On the same date ( we are now only 8 weeks into the year) for booklet fans a nice promotional Greetings Stamp Booklet which features the six most popular 1st class greetings stamps from the previous booklets issued in 2005 /2006.

Total issues 10

11 March 2008.

A slight rest of 10 days or so 'Glorious Northern Ireland'. A Miniature Sheet (4 stamps) 1st. Class - Carrickfergus Castle, 1st. Class - Giant's Causeway, 78p - St. Patrick & 78p - Queen's Bridge and Friendship Beacon and a Smilers Sheet (20 1st class) were issued.

Total 12

13 March 2008.

S.O.S - Rescue at Sea 6 stamps issued, 1st. class - Barra Island, Outer Hebrides; 46p - Appledore, Devon ; 48p - Portland, Dorset ; 54p - St. Ives, Cornwall ; 69p - Selsey, Dorset & 78p - Tenby

Total 13

1 April 2008.

New Machin Definitives & Country Stamps

New Country Stamps valued 50p and 81p were be issued for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales in the existing designs. Printed by De La Rue

Machins: 9p, 15p, 56, and 81p. The 9p stamp was printed with a new cylinder and there were differences compared with the previously issued stamp - namely the ' 9p' is slightly more rounded and the image of the Queen's head is much clearer.

Also on 1st April the Centenary of the Territorial Army was commemorated with a new type of Royal Mail product Commemorative Sheet consists of 10 x 1st class Union Flag stamps and commemorative labels. These sheets will be sold for £13.50 a premium over face value.

Total 15

15 April 2008.

Two weeks respite before the next issue (very nice of RM to give us a short break) 10 x 1st class stamps depicting Action for Species 2 - Insects .

Total 16

13 May 2008

British Cathedrals: a set of 6 stamps. The stamps featured several Cathedrals : 1st. class - Lichfield, 48p - Belfast , 50p - Gloucester, 56p - St. David's, Wales , 72p - Westminster & 81p - St. Magnus, Orkney, Scotland .

A Miniature Sheet was also issued on the same day, a se-tenant block of 4 stamps showing the interior of St. Paul's Cathedral.

We mentioned this booklet recently, also issued on 13th May. 'Ice Cream' Greetings Retail Booklet

Total 19

10 June 2008

Classic Carry On & Hammer Films, 6 x stamps : - 1st. class - Carry On Sergeant, 48p - Dracula, 50p - Carry On Cleo, 56p - The Curse of Frankenstein, 72p - Carry On Screaming & 81p - The Mummy.

There was also a Retail Booklet with 6 x 1st class Machin definitives and a 'Carry On Collecting' advertisement.

Total 21

17 July 2008

Air Displays : A set of 6 stamps and a Smilers Sheet. The Stamps : 1st. class - Red Arrows ; 48p - RAF Falcons ; 50p - Red Arrows display ; 56p - Avro Flypast ; 72p - Parachute display & 81p Air Race.

The Smilers Sheets featured the 1st. class stamp and is entitled ' 100 years of Aviation '

Total 23 issues

24 July 2008

It had to come! Commemorative business Sheet - 1908 London Olympic Games 10 X 1st. Class Flag stamps with commemorative labels. This sheet went on sale for a staggering £13.50. £1.35 per stamp!

4 August 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympic Expo Smilers Sheet. 20 x 'Hello' 1st class stamp, printed by Cartor in Litho.

Total 24

22 August 2008

Olympic Games Handover Miniature Sheet of the Olympic Flag from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to London for the 2012 games. 4 x 1st class stamps. This was a joint issue with China Post.

Total 25

18 September 2008

Losing count now! Military Uniforms - RAF a set of 6 stamps and a Prestige Book.

Total 27

29 September 2008.

Next week we see two more issues Country Definitives Miniature Sheet .There will also be a Prestige Book issued.

Thats not all, 29 September will be the day for the next Glorious UK - Smilers Sheet. A total of 20 stamps. 5 x 1st class stamps from each of the four countries together with labels showing scenes in Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland & England.

Total 30

14 October 2008

6 new staps to commemorate Women of Distinction. 1st. class - Millicent Garrett Fawcett , 48p - Elizabeth Garrett Anderson , 50p - Marie Stopes , 56p - Eleanor Rathbone , 72p - Claudia Jones & 81p - Barbara Castle. What! no Maggie Thatcher??

Total 31

4 November 2008

As per usual we come to the Christmas Issue. a set of 6 stamps, a Miniature Sheet and a Smilers Sheet to be issued, not to mention the 1st class booklets, 2nd class booklets to name another 2.

Total 36

6 November 2008

We have still got time for a few more so lets finish off with a bang 'Lest We Forget' to commemorate the 90th Annivserary of the end of the First World War. There will be a Miniature Sheet and Smilers Sheet issued also in addition to all this, the Poppy stamps which were issued over the last three years will also be issued se-tenant in ordinary sheets.

Have I forgotten anything, are there any more issues lurking in the shadows that I have not heard about, if not then we have it.

A grand total 39 issues in 12 months.

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