Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Postage Rate Rise 2008

Reading through my last post, I realised that we have not yet had a picture of the Machins ( 4 values) Released 01 04 08 for the postage rate increase which took effect on 7 April 2008 except for a set of used values sent to Larry on cover from the MBPC.

Text Amended (thanks Larry)

Inland rates rose, 1st class from 34p to 36p and 2nd class from 24p to 27p. Large Letter rates increased from 48p to 52p and 2nd class from 40p to 42p.

International (European ) rates also increased from 48p to 50p, 10gr international letter rates increased from 54p to 56p, and 78p to 81p for 20 grams.

New pictorial definitives (Country Stamps) valued 50p and 81p were also issued for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

To save me the trouble of scanning these I toured the web to look for a picture of mint examples of these Machin stamps and found this (below)

It is a pre issue publicity picture from Royal Mail. Something struck me as odd (not looking right) with these pictures. It took me few seconds to figure it out. How observant are we today? Can you tell me what it is? No prizes for correct answers, but if no one replies within a couple of days or so I will reveal what it is.


larry said...

I think I see it, but I won't say so others can continue to think about it.

There's an error in the rate listings. Large letters, 2nd class, have gone from 40p to 42p (not 48p). I have troubles getting all these rates correct as well.

(I will be traveling for a couple of weeks, so you won't hear from me for a while.)


Machin Man said...

Thanks Larry for your observations, not much gets past your eagle eyes eh?. I will recify the typos later.