Sunday, 19 October 2008

Postman Pat & Jess

Royal Mail bring back Postie Pat

I guess we all remember the children's television programmes and stamp booklets that gave rise to Postman Pat back in the year 2000. The booklets had a page of 4 x Millennium Machins attached to a label showing Postie Pat, his cat Jess and his trusty Mail van.
It seems that there may be a chance here for Royal Mail to bring him back in an attempt to temp new budding collectors from the junior ranks. (not at their prices I hear myself saying)

Anyway, the story from the Daily Telegraph tells us that over the years "generations of children have enjoyed stories of Postman Pat trundling around the Lake District in his van with his cat, Jess. "

"Now there is sadness in the Cumbrian countryside as the creators of Britain's favourite postman change the storyline: Pat has been promoted to a high-tech sorting office. "

It continues "The move to update Postman Pat for the 21st century, equipping him with a personal digital aide, helicopter and even a stunt bike is seen as a step too far — especially when dozens of village post offices are facing closure."
A nice bit of trivia for you.
"In the latest BBC television series Postman Pat Special Delivery Service, the postman begins a daily commute from Greendale to the ultra-modern office in Pencaster.

The character was created by John Cunliffe when he lived in Kendal. The setting was based on the houses, lanes and fell walks around Longsleddle valley and the village of Grasmere. The post office on which it is based was a depiction of Greenside post office in Kendal, which closed years ago."

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