Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Old and the New

Sorry you have had a few days wait for this next post, but I have been quite busy of late, its a hard life living the dream!

Anyway, As the clocks went back one hour I have managed to find a small gap in my busy schedule to put something together that is quite topical at the moment.
Recapping on my my last post.
Yesterday I had another look at the Postman Pat Millennium Machin Pane and decided the colour looked very similar to the new Machin displayed on the labels dispensed from the Wincor-Nixdorf Propostal machines
What do you think?
Below is another Millennium booklet pane produced by Walsall for comparison.

Machin Collectors Interacting

The Machin Forum, hosted by Dave Arthur has gone a little quiet of late (as have replies to these posts on Machin Mania) Perhaps collectors do not want Machin discussions and just want to read information? Well can I remind you that without discussion we have no Machin Forums and eventually they will die a death like so many forums before them..

Many of the posts on Dave's site are (were) cross referenced to this site ( until the data was lost) We need to re post this lost data or add new content.

This and Daves are great sites with lots of potential, and we need to get the ball rolling again, so please join in with your ideas and comments on both sites. OK?

Visit the Machin fun, at today then add the site to your list of favourites and visit often.

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