Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Design And Darwin Prestige Panes

Thanks to John from Stamps of GB I now have pictures of the two Prestige panes mentioned on a earlier post these are:

13th January

Design Classics will be printed by Walsall Security Printers, priced at £ 7.68. In this Prestige booklet there will be a Machin mixed pane, this will have: 4 x 16p; 4 x 50p and a central label.

The Design illustrated Prestige Stamp book, will feature

Pane 1 : (below) The Mixed Machin's 4 x 16p & 4 x 50p

The other panes are Special issues. Although John produced these on his site I have not shown them here.

Pane 2 : 2 x Routemaster Bus stamps, 1 x Spitfire and 1 x Mini stamps,

Pane 3 : One of each - London Underground Map, K2 Telephone Kiosk, Penguin Books, Anglepoise Lamp, Polypropylene Chair and Mini Skirt stamps

Pane 4 : 2 x Concorde stamps from this issue together with 2 x Concorde stamps from the 2002 Airliners Issue.

12th February

Darwin: This booklet will be printed by De La Rue, and will be priced at £ 7.75 . It will also contain a mixed Machin pane : values 2 x 5p; 2 x 10p; 2 x 48p, 2 x 1st class NVIs and a central label.

The Prestige Book entitled 'Charles Darwin 1808 - 1882' (above) contains four panes of stamps : two panes include three of each of the Special issue Darwin stamps in a gummed format, a third features the whole Miniature Sheet, together with the final pane of mixed Machins.


GBStamps said...

Do we know if these Machin panes will be litho or gravure?


Machin Man said...

According to information received in the past all prestige panes after the James Bond pane will now be printed in litho.

However Royal Mail are known for changing their minds.