Monday, 5 January 2009

2009 Valentines Booklet A Retraction

Ian Billings (Norvic) recently left a comment on site RE: The Valentines Booklet 2009 which I mentioned in my Machin News Post on 1st January.

"Where did you hear that this booklet is to be issued on 5 January (tomorrow!!)? I've heard nothing of the sort and there is nothing in the January Philatelic Bulletin. I've been asked by customers and told them that nothing is coming."

He continues:

There will be three 'Design Classics' booklets this year, same format as the Ice Cream booklet last year.

I wrote to Ian about the above and he has confirmed to me that the information I received was wrong, I am sorry to all if this misinformation caused any inconvenience to anyone.

Ian goes on to say " he has confirmed with Tallents House today that there was no new Valentines booklet and from that I assume that there is no redistribution of the 2008 version".

I informed him that If the information I picked up is (was) wrong I will make the announcement on Machin Mania Blog Spot. This is just that.

In my my email to Ian I also asked him if he had more information on the Design Classic booklets he mentioned in his comments.

(Many thanks again Ian for the information ) please note living in Spain although an hour ahead of the UK, I am a little behind with my incoming mail. I my self have not received my copy of the Philatelic Bulletin at this time.

Ian's Reply:

Per the Philatelic Bulletin January p 136 (but not yet told to the trade!)

10 march - Phone box + Bus
21 April - 2 x mini car
17 September - Spitfire + Concorde

All in Ice Cream booklet format with 4 1st class gold Machin (which type???)

Ian Billings
Norvic Philatelics APS#207617 P O Box 119, Dereham, NR20 3YN, United Kingdom

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