Sunday, 4 January 2009

A Change Of Subject

The old saying "that a change is as good as a rest " is very true, so today with just that we revert to a change of pace from new issues which have dominated these pages for a week or so.

Having a short think about it I feel we should go back to an earlier issue which is quite interesting in its own right. Larry wrote about Regionals recently, so I thought as we do not often mention them here we might continue on that theme.

The stamp I want to bring to your attention is the 1st class Flame NVI regional Welsh Machin issued in February 2000. This is the stamp that has both the English and Welsh language wording incorporated into the value.
Cat as Gibbons WW1 - OFNP/PVA, 9mm Novaglo blue fluor bands, perforation 13¾ X 14 Deegam WN1.1.1 - Stoneham WW1 - Concise W97 and MCC, W-WONP-stB.

The details of this stamp are that it is printed in EMI on OFNP / PVA and has 2 phosphor bars (blue novaglo) (as does its se-tenant companions) ( Scotland 1st class, and Northern Ireland 1st class.

Thanks to Denis Stevens for continued permission to use his images (above).

All of the Regional stamps from pane DP 304 (below) have a elliptical perforation three perfs from the bottom. The Welsh stamp is also known with a bar inset from the perforations. WW1a with full bar left and inset bar at right.

Issued on February 15th 2000 it comes from the Special by Design Prestige Booklet.

This booklet is the only source for these particular stamps which makes them quite unique. Considering this is the only source for them I think they are quite still cheap to obtain.
As mint singles they are catalogued at only £1.50 each. The stamps with Inset bands can be picked up for £10 - £12.50 each.

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