Monday, 23 February 2009

Postage Cost Calculator

It is amazing what you find on the Internet.

Do you buy or sell on eBay? Did you know that millions of pounds are wasted in excess postage or in fines for insufficient postage? Why waste your money or risk getting poor feedback on eBay for not putting enough postage on your parcels? By using a free postage cost calculator you don't have to worry about any of these issues!

Since Royal Mail's introduction of 'pricing in proportion' postage pricing scale, calculating the correct value of stamps you should put on a letter / package is more complicated as it is not just based on the letter's weight any more but now also depends on the dimensions of what you are posting.

Don't worry though, as the nice people at postage have developed a really neat online postage calculator for calculating the domestic postal rates of parcels / packages / letters / 'larger letters' etc that sent within the UK... and the postage cost calculator is totally free to use!
Also, if you have a website by just including one line of code you can easily have the very same calculator shown on your website! Please add the code next to the version of the free online postage calculator you wish to select for your site.

Please note that postal rates are set to rise at the beginning of April 2009, either wait until postal rates have risen before loading the calculator to your site or be sure to check that your calculator can be updated to reflect the new rates.

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GBStamps said...

That's a nice service. I wish someone would do the same for US postage costs. Of course, since our rates are based in part on how rigid the item is, doing a calculator would be a little tricky.