Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Comments From Readers

This is a message to ALL readers who take out time to visit, send e-mails and contribute to postings. Many many thanks, it makes it all worth while to know that the combined efforts to produce this blog are appreciated.

I have to say this latest message from B Horton made me proud that we started this blog in the first place. I hope together we can continue to share our passion for Machins for a long time to come.

Dear Roy / Larry / Ian / Adrian, Alan and everyone else who posts repllies and questions.

Firstly let me say that I think that The Machins Blog Spot is a great resource for Machin news. The set up allows for anyone in the know to share and post comments to the rest of us as soon as it becomes available. It is also a non profit site ( not filled with dealers advertisements) which is nice to see. It is always my first port of call when I go online ( more or less everyday).

Links to The Machin Forum and Ian's Blog are useful tools. I read them also...Both of these individual sites share and cross reference Machin information for the benefit of collectors with one other and yourself.

Just to pass on information on the net, rather than trying to out do each other for business, as I often find with many other online resources is rare. Thanks to everyone involved, keep up the good work.

Brian Horton (A converted Machin Maniac)

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Brian. Looking forward to many more Machin related posts.