Sunday, 10 May 2009

Prestige Booklets

Last year when Royal Mail gave out details of the 2009 program, it was mentioned that no less than 4 Prestige booklets were to released.

Two have been issued in 2009 to date: the first was Design Classics PB on the 23th January retail cost on day of issue £7.40p: PB Number two "Darwin" came just after on 12th February costing £7.55p.

We were informed that a third was in the pipeline: This was to be named Treasures of the Archives, the release date wrongly given at the time was "May 2009".

Updated or new information has come my way that this treasure of the Archive is still the theme of a Prestige Book now to be issued 18th August 2009. The book will be produced by Walsall in Litho.

A forth, which will be a follow on to the Prestige Booklets in the forces uniforms series will be known as number three in this uniform series and will be issued on 17th September 2009.

The first in the series covered Army uniforms, the second Air Force uniforms and this latest depicts uniforms of the Royal Navy.

This booklet will also be produced by Walsall in litho.


Anonymous said...

I've been collecting the recent Prestige Booklets because they are printed in Litho.

Unfortunately, Scott's here in the USA seems to have stopped assigning new numbers to the Litho versions of Machins that come out in Prestige booklets.

Last year's James Bond had a litho 1st class in Gold, and so far this year we have several litho versions (the specific denominations escape me) in the Darwin and Design booklets.

I don't know if SG separates these litho varieties. I'd like to collect individual copies of these stamps, but as long as Scott's doesn't list them as unique numbers, it's tough to get dealers to stock them. Does anyone have any ideas?

-- Dennis

GBStamps said...

In response to my inquiry last year about their numbering policy, a Scott editor told me that they were intentionally not giving separate numbers to the new litho versions of Machins. He viewed this as a collector-friendly policy.

I didn't follow up with the argument that the inconsistency from previous policy was likely to do more harm than good and be confusing as well.

You are right that general dealers who go by Scott numbers won't have these varieties, but specialist dealers will. I am fairly sure that Gibbons will separate these, as printing method is their main organizational criterion.

I can give you the name of a dealer in the US who will be glad to supply your singles.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the offer to provide names of dealers. I've been using Jet for over a year, and I checked my Jet 2009 price list and they do indeed list the 1st litho from the Bond booklet with a SG number. (When the 2009 list arrived I suspect I overlooked that entry because of the layout.) Short of a subscription to SBM (which is probably a good idea), is there a source to go to for quicker information on SB numbers?

-- Dennis

GBStamps said...

Do you mean a subscription to GSM (Gibbons Stamp Monthly)? That's the only place I know where Gibbons numbers are published, and there is a several month delay after date of issue until the number is published.

However, they now offer an online subscription for £10 per year, which I think is a good deal. You can download the whole issue and/or selected articles in pdf format. The cost of the paper version is outrageous because of postage.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I meant Gibbons Stamp Monthly (damn keyboard can't read my mind). Electronic sub sounds like a good idea ...


Martin A. said...

The latest Philatelic Bulletin has the 'Treasures Of The BPMA' PSB as being printed by Cartor. It doesn't mention Litho but Cartor and Litho seem to go hand in hand.
The Machin pane consists of 3 Machins 17p x4,22p x2 and 62p x2.
This would make the first time these three stamps are printed in Litho.

The Army Uniforms booklet issued in September also has 3 Machins 1p x2, 17p x4 and 90p x2. With the 17p appearing in the Archives booklet and the 1p printed in Litho by Questa on 8th July 1996 the only new Machin in this booklet would be the 90p.

I have updated my Machin design labels to incorporate the 4 new stamps which makes a total of 33 new Machins this year that must be a record. If more high values over 50p are introduced as self adhesive and with security slits the number could rise even further.