Saturday, 16 May 2009

Stampers Booklets 1994

I was going through some booklets yesterday and came across these (below) which I had tucked away for that rainy day, although I had not forgotten they existed, I had forgotten I actually had them in my collection.

They were sent to me a few years back by my pal in Scotland (Jack Hesketh).

So what are they? A nice set of four "Stampers Booklets" containing panes of Machins 10 x 1st-class flame NV. They were first issued as a set on 20th Sep 1994.

All four booklets were printed by Walsall Security Printers Ltd and originally sold at £2.50p per book.

The panes contained stamps overprinted with 2 x A - yellow phosphor bars (short wave).

Known to specialist booklet collectors as as "Stampers, Padlock books or if you want to be pedantic Type 7 (5) books. Each had the same barcode 100197.

Number 1 "Padlock"

Number 2 "Keep in touch"

Number 3 "Happy Birthday "

Number 4 "What’s happenin?"

Many thanks Jack. Without checking I have no idea what todays catalogue value is but they have now been mounted and take pride of place. I might add , they look terrific when mounted.

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