Monday, 29 June 2009

Two New Booklets

Over the last few weeks we have reported to you news on The Design Classics booklets to be issued this year. If you have not yet seen them, feast your eyes on these pics (below). I must admit, although I'm not in a favour of self adhesives I do like these booklets. Thanks go to Colin Gee for the images.

There is something very British about the design of these, perhaps its the Union Flag that appeals to me. I hope that next year Royal Mail continue with this theme in booklet form. According to the 2010 program, " A set entitled Design Classic II will be issued in January".

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1 comment:

Ian - Norvic said...

He-he, they've done it again!

I updated my website with the same pictures (from the same source) mentioning that books 3 & 4 re numbered and book 2 was not.

Well I've got the Concorde books now - and there is no number 3 on the edge. (And, as I have been accustomed to finding, no cylinder numbers in my batch of 30 books.)