Sunday, 28 June 2009

No Spitfire Stamp?

Updated on 29th June

No ones perfect, and for my sins neither am I. When I get Machin news I often jump in at the deep end, publish it and get things wrong.

I recently updated my post regarding the third Design Classics mixed booklet adding to the initial post that I thought it may contain (and shows on the image)1 x 1st class x Spitfire and 1 x 1st class Concorde stamps.

However, I am still receiving reports that there will be "No Spitfire stamp" within the booklet. Your thoughts please, or if you have any more news related to this issue please pass it on. An updated picture of the booklet pane would be very welcome.

The fourth Design Classics mixed retail booklet to be issued on 17 September 2009 is a bit of a surprise to everyone. Royal Mail tend to lay this information on us when we are least expecting it. I was informed last month SPLASH!! ( in at the deep end again ) I hope this info is right. "This booklet will include 2 x 1st class self-adhesive Mary Quant Mini-skirt special issue stamps" .

..... Roy

Thanks to Ian Billings for a quick reply: written below:

The Philatelic Bulletin received today describes and pictures a 2 x Concorde booklet.

If you and others are assuming that there will be a Spitfire purely on the basis of the booklet that I pictures on our website back in January, that was a mock-up as was the mini-car booklet. The mock-up was based on the firm information given by Royal Mail that there would be a Spitfire+Concorde booklet in September (later announced as postponed until January 2010).

Sadly even the trade (Key Account) part of Tallents House only finds out about these changes after they have been made and only confirms them when dealers ask!

Ians comment to this post Re: The Mary Quant booklets confirms my information is correct.


Ian - Norvic said...

See comment left against

The 4th previously unannounced booklet is confirmed in the July Philatelic Bulletin as containing 2 x Mary Quant stamps.

Machin Man said...

Thanks Ian, can you post the images to your blog?