Saturday, 31 October 2009

British Design Classics II Prestige Book

Although I stated I would not be available to post here for a while I have managed to get my hands on a computer for a short time so without more of ado here is some Machin news you should know about.

On 7 January 2010 we can expect another two Prestige panes of Machin definitive stamps. Both of the panes (3 & 4) will be issued in multi value form as part of the make up of the Design Classics II Prestige booklet.

These machin panes will be conventionally gummed (PVAl) whereas the two panes of Classic Album Cover stamps in the same booklet will be self-adhesive.

The pictures above are the latest avalable at this time. They show that the Machin stamps will have values of 2 x 62p, 2 x 54p & 4 x 20p with a central lablel depicting a vinal record on pane three and 2 x 22p, 5 x 10p & 2 x 5p on pane four.

I will let you have more information when it comes to hand.

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