Tuesday, 26 January 2010

April Price Rise

New stamp values for the rate rise on 6th April.
Issue date 30th march.

There will be 15 new stamps in total

New Machin values will be 60p, 67p, 88p, 97p, £1.46.

New Country Pictoral stamps (8) will be 60p & 97p. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Two new Booklet Airmail stamps Europe 20 gr and Worldwide 20 gr


GBStamps said...

Will these be the super-secure self-adhesives?

Anonymous said...

I realy hope they will be not.

Anonymous said...

The machins and Country stamps will have conventional PVAl gum and i am told the 20 gr Airmail stamps will be self adhesive without security slits.

Robert said...

Sorry, I think I was inadvertently responsible for the previous comment in Chinese - don't know how this happened. So, will try again...
You might like to know the colours of the new Machins (unless there are last minute changes):
60p - emerald green
67p - rhododendron
88p - shocking pink
97p - mauve
£1.46 - dark turquoise

Robert said...

Could the two new airmail booklets possibly contain the two NVI Smilers stamps covering these 20g rates which have just appeared in the Smilers Business & Consumer miniature sheet?

Anonymous said...

And am I right in thinking pretty well all low " odd value" stamps will be withdrawn leaving only 1p 2p 5p 10p 20p. I certainly can't see the 9p "make up" value from 2nd to 1st in the PO list of stamps available from April

GBStamps said...

So the 50p Machin needs to be secure but the £1.46 Machin doesn't? What am I missing here?


GBStamps said...

The lack of new make-up rate stamps certainly implies that all we will have a stamps paying specific rates and the "changemakers" 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p.

If so, there goes my hope for a 21p Machin to complete the whole-pence values to 50p.


PS Any reason why we need the 2p?

Anonymous said...

Is there any reason for a 60p or 97p Machin values?

Unless of course the report of England Country 60p AND 97p definitives is misleading.


Ian - Norvic said...

Larry Wtoe:
"So the 50p Machin needs to be secure but the £1.46 Machin doesn't? What am I missing here?"

The fact that there will be a lot more 50p and £1 stamps used than £1.46, I suspect.

The 20gr airmail stamps will be:
Europe - emerald green
World - mauve

ie same colour as the valued stamps, and in same design as the existing airmail stamps.

The 9p will continue in use being the difference between 1st & 2nd class basic letter rate.

Full range is:

1,2,5,9,10,20,50,60,67,99,97,£1,£1.46 and the 4 high values.

GBStamps said...

Ian wrote:

"The fact that there will be a lot more 50p and £1 stamps used than £1.46, I suspect."

If usage quantity determines whether stamps will be issued in the security format, then why are the high values secure? They are not on general sale and therefore usage should be minimal - isn't it? Then why go to all the expense to have the secure versions of four minimally-used stamps?