Thursday, 28 January 2010

Smilers Airmail Stamps

Up to today there are nine comments already to the last blog post.

This proves to us that some people are actually reading these reports. Please do keep your comments coming, I think it makes the blog more interesting for all who visit.

Someone (Robert I think) suggested that the new 20 gr self adhesives may not be Machins after all, and thinking about the comment it is quite possible. The reason being no one to date has indicated that the stamps are actually of the Machin head type. Could he be right?

"Could the two new airmail booklets possibly contain the two NVI Smilers stamps covering these 20g rates which have just appeared in the Smilers Business & Consumer miniature sheet?"

As these are not of the Machin design we have not shown these stamps on this blog.

For those who are interested I have found a couple of pictures.

Perhaps Ian Billings or Douglas Myall has up to date information on this subject.

Your views are welcome.


GBStamps said...

To me, this would be bad news and good news. Bad news because I don't like to see the Machin design marginalized further.

Good news because these would be two stamps that I don't need to collect.


(Sorry about the previous post. That was me using the wrong Google account.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, people are actually reading your reports - no doubt more than you think. I'm in no way a "computer person" but depend on your blog to keep informed about Machins. I welcome this opportunity to thank you for all the information you provide. Please keep up the good work.
Jim in Arizona

Ian - Norvic said...

The new 20gr booklet stamps are same as the 40gr stamps but in new colours. I have a picture but I haven't had time to put it on my website and blog yet, let alone on yours!!

By Monday, perhaps.