Saturday, 6 February 2010

Festival of Stamps - Prestige Stamp Book (01)

There has been lots of Machin news been posted over the last couple of days, I am still digesting what Larry reported about sideways print of the high values on covers.

May 2010 London 2010 Festival of Stamps - Continued

The first of the prestige stamp books (3rd this year) has been now been unveiled. Although at this time it only shows two pages of content. I have been informed that there is a Machin pane. This could be a pane of the new double head 1st class stamps showing Elizabeth II and George V profiles heads in tandem.

The fourth Prestige Stamp book of the year due to be issued on 13 May 2010 is entitled Britain Alone. Pictures of the cover have now been publicised. It is presumed that this will also offer a Page of Machin stamps, together with the Special issues (Britain Alone) which will be released on the same date.

Are we still to believe Royal Mail when they say " no more than four Prestige Stamp Books will be issued in the period of one year." I doubt this statement very much , 2010 has seven more months to (run) expect at least another one or two after the issue of this one described above.

Anyone taking bets?


Anonymous said...

Agree there are too many prestige books - but the GV seahorse repros etc look as if they'll be pretty good.

Ian - Norvic said...

Exhibition year always brings additional products - think back to Stamp Show 2000. (IS it only 10 years since Smilers were introduced???)

There may be another PSB - my guess is the railway issue - but I'm also guessing that RM are talking about no more than 4 in a normal year.