Saturday, 6 February 2010

Machin News February 2010

We are spoiling you readers, almost a post per day. I wonder will we ever run out of subject material. Even when the Machin is eventually withdrawn I think we could still find topics to write about.

I must be getting old, The Festival of Stamps 2010, George V, (memories) which is in all the philatelic news at the moment, this and the new issues we have wrote about seems to be grabbing most philatelists interest more than usual. Yes it is going to be another expensive year for the GB collector.
We also have the rate rise in April 2010 which has raised speculation of which values (including new airmail stamps ) will be issued. As well as the Airmail 20 gr stamps, the new £1.46 Machin Value seems to interest me for some unknown reason.
Getting back to getting old, I was not even born when George V was King, but I can remember when a booklet of Machin stamps appeared with a total value of £1.46. The covers depicted Sea Horses too, I guess this must be the psychological link. Yes, it was a lot cheaper to collect stamps in the olden days (as my grand daughter calls them) :-)

The first pictures of the new rate rise values 2010 are starting to appear on the web, confirming that the Airmail stamps are also Machins. Below, these are limited edition covers taken from the Bradbury website of British First Day Covers and are priced at a whopping £20.00 each.

On a end note : If you worry about your age just say to yourself, you are only as old as the woman you feel :-)


Anonymous said...

Do these pics from Bradbury enable us to confirm absolutely that there will be no security features? (altho as an aside I suppose they might still have the non soakable gum like the xmas stamps)

nnnnnn said...

Roy I hate to be funny when there was serious comment and your topic is so serious... but I cannot resist.. I feel like a 20 year old......... but my wife won't let me :-) :-)

seriously though.. great piece again

so interesting what is happening with 2010 Festival issues as well.. I think minimum cost will be 20 quid.. for the M/S sheets and Prestige booklets etc and individual single issues.. I hope to be there for May and am saving as best I can already
Michael ..

Anonymous said...


What about as only as old as the toy boy you feel.