Monday, 8 February 2010

Having Fun with Photoshop

Something a little different today. If Royal Mail can not give me the stamp designs I want, why not make them my self? :-)

Surely Dark Side Of The Moon should have been included in the Design Classics Classic Album Covers set issued on 7 January 2010?

Apparently Royal Mail did consider it, but left it out of the program due to the fact that dark stamps do not show the phosphor tags very well and subsequently canceling can be problematic. Not only is it a great album design, the actual Album itself was in my view (and still is) a brilliant recording.

Now take a peek at my next creation. This is a banner I am messing about with, it will eventually sit on my website.

I recently had an email from Ron Jackson (Machin Base) he made remarks about a possible GB collection of Stamps on Stamps, suggesting it would make a great topic. I agree with Ron and wrote back to him.

Stamps on Stamps is a great topic to collect, just a basic GB collection can be put together quite easily. Have you read my Alternative GB pages on Machins Made Easy website.

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Adrian said...

Yes, I agree completely! Beautiful album, and iconic cover! I was quite surprised as well at the choice of album covers. It would seem to me that some were only made when the LP had already been replaced with those horrid little CDs (when it comes to sleeve artwork that is, otherwise Ive got nothing against them!). And of course they should have included Kate Bush's Kick Inside cover as well!
And Royal Mail worrying about cancellations? Do they expect these stamps to be used then? And have they taken a look at their postmarks lately? Not as if they're legible anyway.