Saturday, 20 February 2010

Go Compare

Welsh Tenor and opera singer Wynne Evans is well known these days as he is often seen on British TV.

The price comparison site Go Compare is currently running a TV campaign which features an opera singer and a 'go compare' car insurance song. The character's name is "Gio Comparario".

In one of the adds they're poking a little fun, one of the jokes in the ad. "How much do you think he costs?" asks one of the actors, "He's only a Tenor," says his mate.

A Tenner! A lot cheaper than this dummy Machin Presentation Pack if it went on sale.

Apparently: This pack is another mock up. The actual Presentation Pack they will issue will cost a lot less.

Ian Billings Norvic Philatelics shows this and blow ups of the new New Machin definitive & Country stamps - 30 March 2010.


" Although this provided image shows all the stamps in a pack, we now understand that a new Presentation Pack will be issued containing only the five new normal Machins, the two 20gr airmail stamps, and the two Recorded Signed For stamps issued last November."

To finish off for today, NO I AM NOT ON COMMISSION but if you really want to listen to Gio Comparaio click on the video below :-)

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Ian Rose said...

It is a pity they are not issuing that presentation pack. It looks interesting. As Ian Billings observes, the recorded delivery stamps do not have security cuts. Although it is not entirely clear, the 5 new stamps appear as if they may be imperf. along the top. And look at the Worldwide postcards stamp, with text in the correct colour but the queen's head in the colour of the Europe stamp. Yes, I'd buy one of those packs.