Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Back To Normal

I do not know about you, but it is always nice to get rid of the wife for a week or two. Mine has just returned from a 10 day trip to the UK. It gave me chance to chill out, laze around a lot, go fishing and do some of the jobs I have been putting off for the last 12 months.

I have also had a little uninterrupted time to spend with my stamps. Anyway she is back now, she arrived on Sunday. "Are you pleased to see me" she asked.

Of course I am I replied, I have been counting the days. "That's nice to hear" she perted back. Little did she realise I have been counting the days so I could get my hands on the ton of mail which I asked her to bring back with her. I have a lot of mail delivered to my daughters in the UK as it tends to get lost or returned if it is sent direct to Spain.

At long last I have got to grips with reading back dated copies of the Bookmark (October 09 - February 2010) and the printed versions of Deegam reports (June 09 - February 2010.

Most of the basic Machin news in the publications I had already covered to a degree. Thanks to incoming emails from regular readers with their reports and by visiting other websites / blogs.

It is there for time to give thanks to the people who have helped me to keep you in the picture via this blog over the last few months.

The list is a long one, so if I do not mention you please forgive me, you know who you are.

Douglas Myall gets first mention for sending me emails with news and links to his written work in pdf form (Deegam Reports.) Ian Billings (always first) with images and behind the scenes news gets a special mention. Dave Arthur and members, Vinay Patel, Keith Woodward editor of MBPC website and last but not least Alec Withall for news and images of of the security stamps in coil form also posted to the MBPC website.

I could go on & on, so without naming names thanks go to all that send me news by email and those who reply via the comments dept on site.

I guess I should say thanks also to Trevor Jones who via the Bookmark gave me a link to a Machin type mirror advertised on the hiddenart website.

Described as: A little bit of England. The Queens Head Mirror is the perfect patriotic tribute to the prestige and tradition of the Royal family. With a 2-dimensional cutout of our monarch’s profile, referencing stamps, coins and all things British, she wears 3-dimensional pearls which give her the edge over your average silhouette mirror.

Another report mentioned in Bookmark from member Peter Taylor who received a prestige Booklet ( British Classics Album Covers) with the Machin pane omitted. I hope you got a refund off them Peter :-)

I will write a few lines on the Modern British Philatelic Circle (MBPC) and what they have to offer the specialist collector later this week.

Got to go! - Did I mention my wife is back? Yes love, COMING dear - wont be a sec :-0


Ian - Norvic said...

Peter Taylor who received a prestige Booklet ( British Classics Album Covers) with the Machin pane omitted."

There were two Machin panes, which one was missing? I'd like to have the picture of this on my site with all the duplicate panes errors, but I suppose a missing pane is difficult to get a picture of.....

Machin Man said...


The missing pane was the last pane(Pane 4. Peter lives in Dundee.

Perhaps you can get in touch with him via Keith Woodward (Editor of Bookmark)

14 Chedington Avenue, Mapperley, Nottingham, NG3 5SG

Tel.no: 0115 9265173
e-mail: :keith2@mbp-circle.co.uk

nnnnnn said...

Roy, lovely piece, brought a smile to my face... am in Manila airport waiting for flight.. great internet here ...and decided to read what I have had no time for past few weeks.. pity because the work opportunity I have been exploring has consumed my time but still thought stamps if didn't do anything further than that ..Keep up the good work.. best wishes...Michael